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Fort Nashboro

Fort Nashboro

If you are looking to visit Nashville, Tennessee, you may want to check out Fort Nashboro. It is located at 170 1st Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201. This former military fort has been vacant for years, but it's now getting a new lease on life. The new fort includes an interpretive plaza area dedicated to Native American history, as well as an eight-foot-tall feather sculpture. Interpretive signage explains the role of different Native American tribes in the early history of Nashville. Visiting the fort offers nice views of the Cumberland River, and a free walking history lesson.

In 1777, the Cherokee Nation gifted Richard Henderson with a huge plot of land. He surveyed the land and deemed it suitable for settlement. Two years later, James Robertson, a member of the Watauga Association, scouted the area. The two companies eventually settled in the area, which was later named Fort Nashboro. The area's unique history and culture are still evident today.

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Fort Nashboro was founded on January 1, 1780 by James Robertson and the people who accompanied him. The fort included twenty log cabins for the settlers. The fort was rebuilt near the original location. The fort is free to visit and the hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM daily. You can also tour the plantation that houses Clover Bottom Mansion. It was the site of the first settlement in Nashville.

The original name of the fort was Bluff Station. It was not a military garrison, but a log stockade. The fort covered two acres and housed twenty log cabins. This fort was built to protect settlers from wild animals. The fort was eventually abandoned. James Robertson's troops eventually made peace with the Cherokee tribe and eventually put down the remaining resistance. The new name is now Nashville.

If you're looking for a unique way to experience Tennessee's history, visit Fort Nashboro. This historic fort was once home to more than 2,000 settlers. Today, it features a recreation of the fort with two blockhouses. The fort was built to protect settlers from Indians and wild animals. The fort was later rebuilt and is currently closed for repairs. Sadly, the reconstruction is no longer in use.

By the 1860s, Nashville was a prosperous city, and its location on the river and railroad made it an important shipping and transportation route. However, the Civil War swept the city into an economic crisis. Nashville suffered greatly, but despite the hardships, it recovered quickly and became known as Music City. Located near the Tennessee River, Nashville has an interesting history. You'll love exploring the many historic sites here.

When the settlers finally arrived in Nashville, the fort's first major attack was by the Chickamauga Indians. However, this didn't stop them from building the fort and several fortified "stations" in the area. Eventually, the tribes swarmed and burned the fort, but the settlers barricaded themselves inside. They were defeated, but not before two of the Robertson brothers were killed by these Indians.

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