Dental Sealants – what they are and why they are important.


Dental sealants play a very important role in the health of your child’s teeth.  They are a thin, plastic coating that is applied to your child’s permanent molars and premolars.  They fill in the grooves and indentations of the teeth and form a seal which prevents food from becoming lodged between the teeth leading to cavity causing bacteria and decay.  Some dental sealants on the market provide other benefits as well, such as fluoride release, which also serve to strengthen young teeth while protecting them.

dental sealantsPlacing sealants is an easy process that will not cause your child discomfort.  After your child has completed their dental cleaning a gel is placed onto their teeth for just a few seconds preparing the teeth to adhere to the sealant.  It is rinsed off and the teeth are dried. Once the teeth are dry the sealant is painted on with a little paintbrush. Most sealants come in pleasing flavors to enhance this experience for your child. Once the sealant has been painted on each of the molars the hygienist will use a curing light to quickly dry and harden the sealant on your child’s teeth.  This is absolutely painless! It’s that easy and the whole process takes just a few minutes!  

Sealants will continue to protect your child’s teeth from cavities for upwards of 10 years.  It is a great investment in the long term dental health of your child!

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